The original Babyfend®


Creating a heandband designed for babies and toddlers which is comfortable to wear, easy to use and that protects the head while start walking and exploring in a positive and relaxed way. 100% without pollutants



Babyfend is a headband, designed to protect Babies and children aged between six months and two years who beginn to stand up and start walking. Due to the fact that little children mainly fall onto their heads, because of the body/head ratio at this age Babyfend is able to absorb impact energy and therefore reduces the physical power the head and the connective skin reaches. Also Babyfend reduces the physical and psychological barriers which result through a fall. Out of our experience children using the Babyfend for their first walks are truly more relaxed and are eager to keep going.


Babyfend is not developed for a pain free experience. We invented Babyfend to reduce the impact power and the pain gained after a fall. This leads to a much more relaxed situation and experience for children and parents during this period.

Babyfend absorbs impact energy and protects the head as well as the connective skin


While your child is using the Babyfend, it´s a more relaxed feeling parents and their children can enjoy during their exploration. This is a truly better feeling for everybody. With Babyfend you secure your children while they start learn to walk and it protects the head and skin on impact. Your child gains much faster trust in his own skills and learns walking with fun and less fear but still respects the physical laws.


Babyfend is lightweight, air comes through the build-in holes and it is individually sizable.
One thing is very important to us, the quality and the standards of production of the Babyfend.
All is made out of approved Oekotex 100 P.1 Babystandard materials

BABYFEND | Handmade in Germany.


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